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Our Off Island Team

Stu – K6TU

Bob – N2OO
QSL Manager

Dean – N7XG
Server – Logging Software



Hal – W8HC 
Website Manager

Bob – WØBV
Website Maintenance and Data Management

Dani – YB2TJV
Logos and Graphics

Mike – NA5U



Sam – ND1Y

Meet Our Pilots!

Our pilots are your link to the team on Bouvet.  Use the pilots to tell us when openings and peak signals are occurring in your geographical area, if we have persistant QRM on specific frequencies, if a weak opening is underneath a stronger opening to another area or continent, and any information or suggestions that you think will help us do the best job possible.  Our pilot’s email addresses are indicated below their photos.  Please send your comment to the pilot representing your geographical area.  We appreciate your help and comments.

Joe – JJ3PRT
JA – Asia

Bryant – KG5HVO
Youth Pilot

Tony – K2SG
North America

Val – NV9L
Chief Pilot

Siso – HK3W
South America

Johan – ZS2I

Steve – VK6VZ
VK, ZL, Oceania

Bjorn – ON9CFG

Chris – PA2CHR