June 8, 2016

PRESS RELEASE #1 Bouvet Island Activation Planned

Three proven and experienced DXpedition leaders and a large team of
operators will activate the DXCC number #2 most wanted DXCC entity in late
2017 or early 2018. Ralph KØIR, Bob K4UEE and Erling LA6VM have been
working on this project since returning from Peter I (3YØX) some 10 years

We are making this announcement now, so that other DXpedition teams that may
be considering Bouvet as a Dxpedition target can re-direct their time and
effort elsewhere.

In summary, we have an agreement with Nigel Jolly to provide transportation,
a helicopter, pilot and mechanic. We submitted a preliminary plan to the
Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) some time ago, and it has been accepted.
A permit will be issued to land on Slakhallet (the huge glacier that covers the island).
We have a team committed, and the finances are doable. As per our funding model,
we commit to paying one-half the expenses involved, and we are asking the
DX community to pay the other half of the expenses. This arrangement has never
failed us or you, the DXer.

Experience summary: Leaders have eleven “Dxpedition of the Year”
awards, they have activated a dozen “top-ten” DXCC entities and amassed huge
QSO totals at their most recent DXpeditions: Desecheo 118.000 QSOs,
HK0NA 195,000 QSOs, FT5ZM 170,000 QSOs, K1N 140,000 QSOs. Their
experience in the Antarctic and Southern Oceans region is unparalleled.
Heard Island, South Sandwich, South Georgia, Peter I, South Orkneys,
Amsterdam, as well as numerous other operations from ALL seven continents.
This team and its leaders have have collectively given the given the DX
community over 4,000,000 DXpedition QSOs.

Our website is under development, and fundraising will begin in the
months ahead. We are pleased that everything has finally come together, so
that we can activate this most difficult, dangerous and rare DXCC entity.

Your DXpedition leaders,
Ralph KØIR
Erling LA6VM