Gridsquare JD15qo

Our plans call for EME operation on both 2 meters and 6 meters, concurrently.  We will utilize the maximum legal power limit on each band and have two dedicated EME operators, plus others will be available to provide relief.  We will use a pair of M2 2MXP22A antennas on 2 meters and an M2 6MGJ 6 meter Yagi.  On the right is a list of our financial supporters for the EME operation.  These are the people making your EME QSO possible.  Tell them “Thank you.”




TOTAL:  $2172

PA2CHR – Our EME Pilot

We are pleased to have Chris, PA2CHR as our EME pilot.  Chris brings a wealth of information and experience to our EME project.  He has been active on EME for 25 years, and has contacted over 1600 unique stations, using CW and the digital modes.  Chris has conducted 14 EME DXpeditions, including Z21EME, 4O3A,TK, 4U1ITU, HVØA, EA6, J45M, T98CHR, LX, T7ØA, HBØ and others.  Chris will work with Lance, W7GJ to coordinate 6 meter operations.

Other Sponsors

M2 Antenna Systems has provided our team with a pair of 2MXP22A cross-polarized antennas and power dividers for our 2 meter station and a single 6M8GJ antenna for our 6 meter EME work.  They will work with our team and DX Engineering to provide appropriate boom to mast assemblies.

4O3A is providing our team with a Signature Power Genius VHF Amplifier enabling us to rum maximum legal power to our M2 antennas.

DX Engineering will supply all the EME antenna masts and supports, including guy systems, anchors and control cables.  In addition, DX Engineering will supply the low loss feedline and connectors to minimize our feedline losses, enabling us to make more QSOs.

Downeast Microwave has graciously offered to help us with one of their 2MLDPA amplifiers to use with a Flex 6700 transceiver.  Please thank them for helping to make 2 meter EME from Bouvet possible.

WA2ODO  -Preamps, 6 & 2 meters
PA3BIY     -2 Meter Preamp
PA3FYC    -Sequencer, Pol. Switches
PE1L         – Moon Data, Technical Remote Support
W7GJ        – Moon Data, Technical Remote Support
LA9DL       – Receive Filters
KB3SII      – 6 meter Elevation Sysem
G8VR        – 6 meter Preamp
PA5M        – Coax Relays, Backup Xcvr



EME From Peter I – 3YØX

Gordon, WØRUN (left) and Michael, PA5M (right) were our EME operators during the 3YØX Peter I DXpedition.  Michael will be in charge of EME operations during our Bouvet Island DXpedition.  He will share the EME duties with Just, LA9DL and Craig, K9CT.


Thank you to everyone who has offered us technical, equipment and financial support.  We are working hard to put together the best possible 2 and 6 meter EME stations with a 2-week stay on Bouvet, centered on the excellent conditions predicted for late January and early February of 2018.  With your help and support, we are moving toward that goal.  Click the links below for mor specific information on our 6 and 2 meter operations.

To support our EME efforts, please click the donate button below and on the PayPal form place your first name, callsign, email address and the letters “EME”.  Thank you for your help.