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We are all in this together.  The philosophy of our team is that a partnership exists between individual DXers and the DXpedition team.  You depend on us to do the best job we can.  We depend on you for help and support.

Your support may come as suggestions about equipment, propagation observations, weather forecasts, logistics and feedback to our pilots.   And, of course, we are dependent on your financial support.  No idea or suggestion is irrelevant.  No contribution is too small.

Bouvet is a huge undertaking — logistically, the time involved, a challenging environment and great cost.  So, we want to do this right — being on as many bands and modes as possible 24/7, attending to unique contacts and all-time new ones (ATNOs) and using equipment and an island location, so we can hear and be heard on all continents.  Help us as much as you can.  Together, we WILL get this done.


Landing on Bouvet

Attempting to land on Bouvet by boat is difficult and dangerous.  It’s difficult to get men ashore, and almost impossible to bring equipment ashore by boat.  Therefore, we must use a helicopter to get our team, shelters, supplies, radio equipment and antennas ashore.

Clouds and Fog

Subantarctic islands like Bouvet are often obscured by low clouds and fog.  We experienced this on Peter I.  As on Peter I, we will have to limit our helicopter flying to safe weather windows.