One of our possible embarkation sites in early 2018 is Punta Arenas, Chile.   Four hundred and ninety-eight years earlier, Ferdinand Magellan passed by what is now Punta Arenas in the strait that now bears his name. There is a legend saying that if you rub the toe of the native tribesman on the statue that honors Magellan, you will return to this place.  Some of our team did that in 2006, when we departed for Peter I.  If the legend is true, we may be headed back to Punta Arenas again to begin our voyage to Bouvet.  Time will tell.

The 3YØX (Peter I DXpedition) team in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Visit this page to follow events leading to our landing on Bouvet and the beginning of the DXpedition.