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Members of this team have been active from the seven continents and the seven seas.  Their DXpeditions have produced over 4,600,000 QSOs.  They have given you Amsterdam, the South Orkneys, South Sandwich, South Georgia, the South Shetlands, Peter I, Navassa, Malpelo, South Sudan, Desecheo, Saba, Bhutan, Heard Island, the Falklands, Reunion, Palmyra, Kingman Reef, Wake Island, Easter Island, Tuvalu, Midway Island, Baker and Howland Islands, Kure, Fiji, Conway Reef, Eritrea, Lakshadweep, Spratly, Swains Island, Revilla Gigedo, Svalbard and others.

Propagation will guide our operations.  We will use all the resources that we can to be on every open band, and to be aware of all openings.  We welcome your input before and during the course of this DXpedition to help us do the best job possible.

The Bouvet Island DXpedition Team

Our Operators

EY8MM – Nodir

HA5AO – Pista

JR4OZR – Hal

KØIR – Ralph

K4UEE – Bob

K9CT – Craig

LA6VM – Erling

LA9DL – Just

N4GRN – George

N6HC – Arnie

N9TK – Jim

NM1Y – Jeff

PA5M – Michael

SM5AQD – Hawk

VE7KW – Keith

WØGJ – Glenn

W6IZT – Gregg

W7IV – Paul

W8HC – Hal

WB9Z – Jerry