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Bob, N2OO will again serve as our QSL manager.  He and his South Jersey DX Association team members will assure accurate and efficient handling of 3YØZ QSL cards.


The QSLs for the 3YØZ Bouvet DXpedition will be handled by N2OO and the QSL helpers at the South Jersey DX Association.  Here is the information on how to QSL via all appropriate methods.

1. OQRS DIRECT (via Club Log)

2. DIRECT MAIL (via N2OO):  Send your QSL (a clear list of QSOs in chronological order with log data) to:

Bob Schenck, N2OO
P.O. Box 345
Tuckerton, NJ  08087 – 0345   U.S.A.

INCLUDE:  The minimum of an appropriately sized SAE with adequate return U.S. postage affixed, or an appropriately sized SAE plus $2 U.S., or one “CURRENT” IRC.  Additional contributions are encouraged, but not required.  Please use sturdy envelopes.  Also, PLEASE DO NOT AFFIX UNCANCELLED POSTAGE STAMPS REMOVED FROM OTHER ENVELOPES.

3. OQRS Bureau (via Club Log)

4. Regular incoming BUREAU via N2OO (c/o the W2 QSL Bureau)

NOTE: Every effort will be made to process cards in the order listed, above.  There will no doubt be some overlap during the QSL process, since ALL of the above categories will flow in continuously during the months following the DXpedition.  Please use only one method to request your QSL.

Please DONATE to this DXpedition!

You may include a donation with your OQRS QSL request on Club Log (via PayPal), or, you may include additional funds with your direct mailed QSL card.  If you wish to donate by check (U.S. funds only), please make your check out to “DX Expeditions, Inc. – Bouvet.”

A Message About LOTW:

We are not offering early LOTW uploads without a QSL card request.  This simply would not be fair to our many sponsors and major supporters.  We show our sincere gratitide to them by including their names and logos on the QSL cards.  Bypassing the QSL card bypasses our biggest way to show them our thanks. 

We will be uploading to LOTW for everyone who requests a direct QSL card.  These will be done in batches during our QSL card processing, as time allows. 

Thank you so much for your support!  You will thoroughly enjoy your QSL card!  It will be special!

A full LOTW upload will be made about 6 months after the end of the DXpedition.

73 de N2OO

QSL Manager for th 3YØZ DXpedition